SoundFest RealClarity Train Example

We frequently get questions about how RealClarity will sound in practice. RealClarity Train Example is a short audio clip that illustrates how someone with hearing difficulty will gain clarity in their conversations in noisy environments like riding a train.

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Paul Dailey
September 11th, 2012 on 10:25 am

Id be interested in trying the Real Clarity app with my Bose QC over ear headphones. Any trial info available? Nice mention BTW in the WSJ today! Best- Paul

Jim Allen
September 16th, 2012 on 9:55 pm


You might want to consider an alternate market – motorcyclists. Like many serious riders, i wear hearing protection, custom earbuds that are wired to a sound system or mp3 player or phone (I connect mine to a bluetooth devise, that also connects to my cellphone via bluetooth.)

But when I come up to a stoplight or gas stations, I cannot hear anything without removing my helmet and earbuds. Your app would be perfect – just fire up this app at those locations.

I look forward to the development of your product.