RealClarity App

SoundFest’s RealClarity app delivers hearing assistance via your smartphone. This revolutionary product helps people who have difficulty understanding speech in noisy situations. At a fraction of the price of expensive hearing aids, RealClarity clarifies voices and other sounds people want to hear, while filtering out distracting noise.

Whether you experience hearing difficulty only in certain situations, or whether your hearing problems are more chronic and constant, RealClarity offers a convenient, affordable and mobile solution for improving your listening experience:

  •  – Downloadable to iPhone or Android devices
  •  – Adjustable for your personal hearing profile
  •  – Configurable for many different listening situations
  •  – Accurate in detecting and enhancing speech
  •  – Effective at suppressing background noise
  •  – Compatible with most wired headsets
  •  – Integrated with other smartphone apps
  •  – Suggested Retail Price:$29.99

The basic app uses your phone’s wired earbuds to improve hearing in specific situations. A specialized Bluetooth earpiece will be available soon.